I bet you forgot to disable inputs in the loading screen.

These are some fun stuff that I messed around on Unity/GMS2 before:

RTS Prototype

RTS Unit Prototype



Project TBS

Strategy, Turn-based.


(Ludum Dare 49) Management, October 4th 2021


Platformer, August 27th 2021

What happens if I try to hold a barrel while speaking to a NPC at the same time?

Ever since I was a kid, game development peaked my interest. It wasn’t until I was 23 years old that I decided to take a leap of faith, drop my Information Systems bachelor and go after my dream job.

As a FQA (Functionality Quality Assurance) and LQA (Localization Quality Assurance for Portuguese), I’ll provide the most detailed look at your games, trying my best to break them in the most mundane ways possible and provide you with a spreadsheet/Trello/Jira (or any software you prefer to receive the reports) with all the glitches found, the severity, the expected result and the actual result.

Freelance is open! Starting at 7.50$/hour, if interested, please contact me below!