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Tactics Project Devblog Series: Entry #1

Here it is! My new project! I decided that I would take this blog here in my website as a devblog diary for the development behind this new project which is by far more ambitious than Bubblesy.

This new project is supposed to be a game in the vein of Final Fantasy Tactics. Nothing too fancy, just a love letter to this kind of game since I always loved them. I’m still deciding if I should just make a sandbox style game and have people have fun in how they are going to play it or if it should have a campaign and be more direct.

Anyway, I had to learn a lot to even start making this project! Isometric games are not easy to develop at all. There are so much math behind the screen going on with the tiles, grids and everything that if it weren’t for GameMaker Rob series in Tactics Tutorial in GMS2, I probably would have a really hard time starting doing this project.

So, these development updates are going to be a weekly thing going on from now on, and to start our first development updates, I would like to showcase my progress in the map editor of the game and the core mechanics behind tiles, grid and heights that I was able to already make it happen in game (big thanks to GameMaker Rob)

For my next task, I have to work on some sprites for the characters that I’ll use. Bad news is that I’m not a artist by any means and I haven’t been able to find a Isometric character pack asset at all in The good news however is that I found an template of a character in the veins of what I want to do, credits to KeySataniel for the template.

So, for my next week and so, I’ll probably start working on iterating this spritesheet and see what I can do for a Fighter class, for example. This is going to be tough, but if I want the game to have any art at all, I need to make this happen. We’ll see on this goes.

If everything goes to shit I guess I can just hire someone to do it, right? RIGHT? (sweats frantically)

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