Monstergarten – Ludum Dare 49

Monstergarten is a fun little game where you try your best to not let the building collapse. Your task is made harder thanks to monster children running rampart!

Make sure to feed them when they get hungry and give them toys when they want to play!


  • Select and Pick-up objects/children through Mouse


  • xsangyhix – Team Leader, Art Models, Game Designer and Programmer
  • Marossi – Art Models, Programmer
  • Andrei Olinic – Music Composer and Sound Design
  • Rena – Art Models

This game was made as a entry for Ludum Dare 49. It’s the team first ever entry into a Ludum Dare! We’re happy with this product in the timeframe of 3 days, but please feel free to give us feed back in the comments section below 🙂

Play at:

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