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Project TBS Entry #4 (Mini-update) + Ludum Dare 49 Post-Mortem

Hey everyone! Long time no see 🙂 I had a crazy weekend/week with Ludum Dare 49, but first and foremost I would like to give you all a small update on Project TBS (Turn-Based Strategy), let’s get to it:

I’ve finally decided on a scope for the first playable version of the game and I’ll be working on it non-stop until it happens! That’s great news since it made me much more motivated to keep working on Project TBS.

I don’t have much to show for updates right now since I was really focused on Ludum Dare 49, but I do have to show some stuffs.

I’ve started on Asesprite and working on the game art! I’m no artist by any means but this is the perfect opportunity for me to work on that! For my first art for the game, I made a placeholder sprites that our units are going to be based on! Check it out:

Check out how I also made a red version of the placeholder sprite for team red! All of the game’s future units art will be based on these placeholder sprite and will be iterated on! I can’t wait to start conceptually designing the units!

As for how it looks in-game:

Notice that I also added a indicator for the mouse! It snaps to the tile x and y coordinates wherever your mouse is hoving over!

As for our past entry goals, none of them have been met yet thanks to the small amount of time I was able to spent on this project. With this, our goals for the next entry will be:

  • Add Turns to the game. Not allowing units to move more than once per turn.
  • Don’t let Player 1 control Player 2 pieces and vice-versa.
  • Add a basic prototype GUI for when you select a unit. Allowing you to select “Move/Attack/Magic/Wait” options, with “Move” being greyed out if the movement action has already been taken.
  • Adjust the Camera Rotation mechanics to take into account the unit’s sprite

Check out that we also added a new goal for the next entry. If everything goes correctly we will have a LOT of stuff to showcase for the next devblog entry. With that said, expect another 2 weeks for the next entry since I’ll be taking next week off to deal with in real life stuff.

And that’s all for our small update entry! Next up: Ludum Dare 49 Post-Mortem

Ludum Dare 49: Post-Mortem

If you haven’t checked out my LD49 entry, please check out by clicking here!

So, let’s talk about it. LD49 happened on Friday 10/01 through Monday 10/04 and it was pretty hectic! It was my first ever Ludum Dare entry and I couldn’t be more happier! The team I entered was a team that formed through the Ludum Dare discord a month before LD49 started and we were all pretty excited, defining scopes, setting Git repositories, etc…

Well, things went kinda bad pretty quick… Our 2 artists were missing for the major duration of our work and I had to scrap whatever they had done and bring it manually piece by piece to the Unity Editor, I can say that I missed some significant development time thanks to this.

Our compositor however made some really cool music and sound effects for our game and was communicative with us.

Me and the other programmer (and team leader) were non-stop programming! Sunday especially was crazy, I woke up 5AM and programmed non-stop until 11PM. That’s 16+ hours non-stop programming. I learned a LOT with the team leader since he actually is a software developer and knows tons of good practices when coding stuff. I learned so much with this and will take these lessons into my gamedev life.

Our scope of the game was way more than what we actually had, our end product was because of our art deficiency and working with what we got. We also lost time to some technical aspects that were not meant to be so hard to code in. Especially the smoke particles system. The smoke particle system was heavily spaghetti-like code and everytime we changed something, for some reason our smoke particle system would stop working. We would’ve liked to polish the code for it and prevent this from happening but we simply didn’t had time to do and had to work with it’s spaghetti code behaviour.

All in all, I think we managed to have a interesting end product and many people enjoyed it! However, for my next game jam I really want to work alone so I can have more input on the game design decisions, I really want to work on a FPS-Horror kind of game for my next jam. That’s why I’ll try to learn some sound designs for my next Jam.

That’s about it, thanks for reading up here and I’ll see you all in my next Devblog entry 🙂

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