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Project TBS on hold + plans for the future

Hey everyone, normally an update devblog would be something exciting, but this one is bittersweet.

Let me get this out straight away: I’ve decided to put Project TBS on indefinite hold. As a Game Dev who wishes to make it into the industry, I felt that I don’t have the artistic skillset to make my vision of Project TBS come to life. Because of this, I was getting really burnt out overall and no progress was being made.

I’ve decided to scale back and work my way up on my artistic skillset, that’s why Project TBS at the moment is going to be put on hold since it’s a game that the necessary art is something that I simply don’t have right now. I know this might be rather disappointing, but I prefer working on my way up on the skillset so I can be a better developer overall.

As for my plans for the future, I’m working on different prototypes with small canvas size (8×8) on the pixel art front so I can make something with my art and that will develop me as a better overall Game Developer. You can expect to hear news from me in the coming weeks about what my next project will be. Meanwhile, have this 8×8 Link that I’ve made on my first day on learning Pixel Art:

Hope you all have a great day!

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