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RTS Prototype

So this is something that I was coding on for a couple of months. Here we have a prototype of unit-based RTS game for Unity! Check out these videos:

Fog of war testing
Large units formation system
Unit combat

This was a pretty fun project that taught me a lot of stuff. For example, these units had 8 different states and was actually pretty fun to implement. I had a great time with this project, however due to time constraints with IRL stuff, I was forced to leave the project. Art was made by IndividualGames and there was a extensive lore for this project made by Multiple Tritones, it was a shame that we never managed to have made more than this. It’s hard to work on projects where you get 0 money on it and won’t see feedbacks for at least a couple of months.

But anyway, here was a fun glitch that happened while coding the unit movement system:

Stanky ass units

Loved working on this project and was honestly one of the better experiences I had out there so far 🙂

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